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Art historian, visual artist, Museum director and Teacher, Popy Arvani has an atypical gallery owner experience.

In the 90s she opened her first gallery with the art historian Nicolas Lancri and the precious support of the gallery’s artist: Jean LANCRI academic and theorist known on Paul Klee's work.

All along this period, they both exposed internationally famous artists such as Segui, Lublin, Cofone, sharing the same passion and the same adventure of artistic creation.

With this rich experience, Popy Arvani continued her way alone. In December 2004, she inaugurated her own art gallery 7, rue Jean-Pierre TIMBAUD Paris, in the ancient stable of Marie-Therese’s mansion, Marie-Antoinette’s daughter.

The choice of artists and exhibitions is made through the creation of both French and international, young or long-established artists.

These artists contribute to contemporary art as precursors through innovative concepts and sometimes utopian ones like the “ALICE DE Pat ANDREA monumental installation” suffocated in the undersized space of the gallery, or with “The invasion of huge ants” from Marc GASSIER de ADMINART and also with the recent setting up of “ALICE DANS LES TENEBRES” from Jarek PIOTROWSKI, a big lino's panel cut covering every walls of the gallery.

Their works often convey questioning, feelings and delights to every audience so that some exhibitions managed to go through institutional places or foreign galleries as for the young participating artist Istvan BETUKER along with Damien HIRST and Mauricio CATALAN at the White Project di Mauro Bianchini's gallery in Pescara as well as the exhibition of Dominique MORLOTTI at the Ministry of Culture and then at the Milan Cultural centre  with Nicolas PANAYOTOU along with the fashion designer Driss Van NOTEN in the windows of the Ministry of Culture and finally Cristina RUIZ GUINAZU at the house of Aragon and Elsa Triolet with “MEMORIAS OF PATAGONIA”.

In permanent activity, the gallery possesses an increasing visibility thanks to its participation to the Art show as it was for the young artist Mateo ANDREA presented during a one-man show in the “CHIC DESSIN” from Nicolas PANAYOTOU with ART PARIS by the Valentina VOLSCHOVA’S Gallery also at cultural events during the year France/Russia with Sandrine ELBERG and “La nuit blanche” with Pat ANDREA.

Opened to any artistic expression, painting, drawing, sculpture, photos, video-art, movie, setting up, she does not hesitate to present or to put a lot into artistic concepts with fashion stylists as Dominique MORLOTTI where she contributes to the conception of “GRADIVA TO MARIENBAD” and to introduce the creation of the fashion designer Frank SORBIER

She refuses to remain locked into a particular trend as she works with the master piece she loves only, through intuition, particularly with passion, using her knowledge and her know how for the benefit of the artists who will doubtlessly mark the art history of the beginning of the twenty-first century.

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